Student’s Code of Conduct

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Dear Students,

Welcome to the family of INFOTECHnologists.

We are provides to have you with us and it will be our sincere endeavor to fill full your objectives of becoming a computer professional. During this educational tour, while we take you through the advanced and fabulous world of computer, we shall also help you acquire all necessarily skill to make a IT professional.

This code of conduct provides you detailed information on the rules and the obligation that you have towards yourself, and towards INFOTECH, to ensure that you make best use of all facilities available.

Rules & Regulation for the INFO-TECHnologist are as follow:

  • Admission to a program at Infotech is based onthe eligibility norms i.e. candidate’s interview & entrance test etc.
  • Candidates willing to apply for more than one course should fill up defferent form.
  • Incomplete/Unsigned forms will be rejected.
  • Candidates must fill up the application form in his/her own handwriting.


  • At the time of enrollment, students are requested to collect their invoice from the counselors in order to know their pattern of installments.
  • Each sessions of theory and practical classes are for a duration of 1 hour, normally 5 days in a week. Unless otherwise specified.
  • Minimum attendance requirement is 75% in both theory and lab session to take the exams.
  • Any student remaining absent for more than 14 days without any notice in writing, and the requisite approval, shall be deemed to have dropped out and his/her name shall be stuck off roll. In case the student wishes to rejoin the course, her/she may be asked to re-register or transfer to a subsequent batch in the interest of continuity.
  • Students Appraisal Reports regarding his/her performance, irregularity & guardians on part of student and fee error etc. Shall be sent to parents or guardians. Parents/guardians will be expected to contact the institute after the same.
  • The medium on instruction for all courses is English only.

Tests, Assignments and Projects:

  • A students has the facility to upgrade from a lessor course to a higher course.
  • If the student decides to upgrade, he/she has to do it one month before the end of the existing course duration.
  • In the event of up gradation he/she has to pay the up-gradation fees as specified by the management.
  • Once paid, the up gradation fees are non-refundable.
  • A student enrolled for any course shall not be allowed to downgrade to a lesser duration course under any circumstances.

Final Examination:

  • External exams are help at the end of every semester and student are required to take them up the moment they finish their semester along with their batch. A lapse at the students end would require him to pay an applicable reset fee to appear for the next forthcoming exam.
  • In case of student fails to clear the paper in the first attempt, he/she has to pay and applicable reset fee to appear for the next immediate attempt.
  • The dates for the semester-end exam shall be fixed and informed well in advance.
  • Any student found using unfair means during examinations or using threating language may have his/her admission cancelled and may further be barred from attending any programme at any Infotech Education Centre.
  • A Student is not eligible to take up exams in case of any of the followings shortage of attendence, non-payment of fees, non-submittance of assignments and projects reports, in order to be eligible to take up the semester end exams, the student must complete each of the above within the specified time.

Award of Diploma:

  • The institute has the right to reject the admission of any candidates withpout as signing any reason.
  • Student must be of good behaviour and respectful in the institute and around institutes premises.
  • While in the institute premises student must not meddle with any property they have been asked not to touch.
  • The institute Head/ Authority reserves the right to refuse admission to a student without assigning any reason or suspended student for insolence in subordination branch of rules etc.
  • The student are responsible for careful use of the components, tools, apparatus and other equipments belonging to the institution and entrusted to them for practical work and experiments and shall pay for the best of any articles lost or damaged while in the custody.

Identity Card:

    • The identity card is valid for the duration of the course enrolled for.
    • The identity card issued to the student is centre specific. The student has the privilege of all facilities in the particular centre enrolled, and it will not be valid at any other centre.
    • Loss of this card must be reported to the office and there will be a charge for replacement.
    • The identity card is not transferable.
    • The student is expected to card his/her IC all times, while inthe entre and produce it when requested by the personal of the centre.


  • Students can approach the staff of the concerned center for guidance or assistance.
  • Feed back sessions are held for students of concerned batch and are requested to let the concerned authorities know of their views. So that appropriate measures to improve the quality of services provided, may be taken.

Information to the Students:

  • Any changes that affect the student shall be communicated to t he student by the Faculty in the class or the students notice board at the center.
  • t’s the students responsibility to appraise himself/herself of the communications made from time to time.

Change of and compliance with the code of conducts:

The management reserves the right to change or modify the above code of the conduct time to the as circumstances warrant. Notice of such change will be put on the notice board of the respected center. The said decision shall be final and binding on the student.